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Purchasing Artwork

• All Photographic Artwork is for sale and can be viewed from the works section.
• All prints are signed and numbered and are part of limited editions and of a specific series.
• Prints are individually produced to the highest standards available (the process varies per series)
• To order a print or enquire please contact Allan Jenkins directly by email or calling the mobile number below.

• All sales of artworks are non -refundable.


Prints are available in a variety of sizes depending on the individual image and the type of printing process.
Sizes start at 10”x 8” inches for the Cyanotypes going up to various larger sizes for other processes.

*Sizes can vary slighty depending on the format and process.

• Small 10”x8” Inches 25cm x 20cm (approx)
• Medium 20”x16” Inches 50cm x 40cm (approx)
• LARGE 39”X28” inches 100cm x 70 cm(approx)
• Bespoke sizes - A variety of images are available at larger sizes upon consultation.


• Unique vintage restored frames are available.
• Each frame is different so making the final artwork “a Unique piece”.
• A selection of new and modern mouldings are also available to suit each image individually.
• All framing is carried out by hand and individually produced to the highest standards available.
• UV protective and non-reflective glass is used on all frames up to 1 metre (museum standard).


0208 348 6900
07957 230843
46 Tottenham Lane, Hornsey, London. N8 7ED